José González

José González

The Artist - Biography

The aching beauty of José González's interpretation of 'Heartbeats' - originally performed by Swedish band, The Knife - is testament to a rich and varied musical background. Born in Sweden, but of Argentinian descent, 27-year-old José was brought up in a house that teemed with all kinds of music. Inheriting his father's love of Latin American music, he was also surrounded by American and UK pop classics, and learned to play the guitar at an early age.

Experimenting with various styles - from indie rock to punk and hardcore bands - José finally returned to classical guitar which laid the groundwork for the very personal style he has today.

It is that distinctive and evocative style - likened to folk legends such as Tim Buckley and Nick Drake - that has been causing ripples across Europe. And it was exactly that style that attracted Sony when developing the BRAVIA advert. Watching the advert now, you can't imagine the soundtrack being anything other than José's stunning version of 'Heartbeats'.

"Saw the ad, heard the song, bought the album." A must have piece!


View the backstage interview he gave in London on 5/11/05

The Music

Already a hit in Sweden, the last 12 months have seen José begin to make his mark on the rest of the world. In 2005, the release of his debut album 'Veneer' in the UK, and the 'Stay in the Shade' EP - which covers of Kylie Minogue's 'Hand On Your Heart' - saw José's name spreading like wildfire on the music grapevine.

However, it was the marriage of the beautifully shot BRAVIA advert and his haunting version of 'Heartbeats' that propelled José into the spotlight, and gave him the recognition he deserves from the wider record-buying public.

In January, José saw the single of 'Heartbeats' go straight into the UK & Irish Top Ten. Equally significant is the mainstream success of 'Veneer', which hit the Top Ten in the UK's album chart.

As well as chart success, 'Heartbeats' and 'Veneer' have been critically acclaimed. Entertainment Weekly in the US said: "[González's]... deft, syncopated finger picking and hushed vocals are hypnotic on Veneer, and never more so than when he covers The Knife's 'Heartbeats', turning a synth-pop assault into a heartbreaking lullaby."

José's popularity is surely set to grow, as this unique talent continues to attract new fans.

'Veneer' and 'Heartbeats' are available to download from The CONNECT Store

Still from the commercial: bouncing colour balls down a San Francisco street
The music

Heartbeats, from José González's debut album Veneer.
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José performs live in London. View it here

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